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Based in Southern Indiana, Misty Morn Safe Company is the largest safe distributor in the Midwest - and it is one of only a handful in the U.S. whose sole business is safes. While many other dealers sell safes as a sideline, Misty Morn sells only safes. And that positions Misty Morn to dedicate itself totally to providing personal, specialized service. If you have a question or concern regarding your needs in a safe, please e-mail Misty Morn directly or give the staff a call. Customer service is Misty Morn's main objective.

While discovering the diversity and quality of the products Misty Morn offers, keep in mind there's more to this company than you'll find here. Misty Morn's business philosophy is built on superior service, a highly-trained sales staff, and old-fashioned integrity. You won't find another safe distributor more dedicated to helping you choose the safe that's right for you - and getting your product to you as quickly as possible. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Misty Morn Safe Company

        • Largest safe distributor in the Midwest
        • Shipping available worldwide
        • Extensive inventory for immediate shipping
        • Friendly, superior service guaranteed
        • Expert sales staff
        • Fully-stocked showroom of trusted name brands:

Choose from:

  • Misty Morn

  • Fireking

  • Meilink 

  • Hayman


"The height of a safe's ambition,
  From the day that it is formed,
  It only hopes to be good enough,
  To be a Misty Morn."

                      Walter & Janet Shaw
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2 Minute Video Introduction

We are located at 6029 N. State Road 161 - Richland, IN 47634
For your convenience, please call 800-838-0808 prior to your visit
Mailing address: PO BOX 39, Richland, IN  47634

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We can be reached through eMail at: or toll free at 800-838-0808
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