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Defense Vault


This Defense Vault puts home security where you need it..

There's no better place than to have your home defense weapon within arm's reach than under your bed instantly accessible using an "Illuminated ESL5 Electronic Lock"

The Defense Vault uses wasted space and is a great solution when storage is hard to come by.

Whether you currently have a home safe or not, the Defense Vault is a must for any gun owner.

Featuring AMSEC's new ESL5 Electronic Lock with an illuminated keypad. Bright, easy to read, backlit keys allow you to enter your PIN code even in the dark.

Outside dimensions: 6" x 52" x 14"
Tray Size: 3 3/8" x 43 1/4" x 13"

The Defense Vault is built using 14 ga. steel with a unique 5 point slide locking bar and sports a foam padded slide-out gun tray and 4 pre-cut anchor holes with mounting hardware.



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