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York, PA, nestled in the heart of historic Central Pennsylvania, may be a favorite city of history majors, but it is also a hotspot for the entertainment and fashion industry. Students in York, PA are in a fabulous location to experience the culture of the fashion industry and take part in studies as fashion majors. Many people think of fashion design when they think "fashion school," but there is also the field of fashion merchandising. Students in York, PA study within a few short hours of four major cities that host a fashion week. Seeking a York fashion management degree might be the right choice for students interested in the industry, but are more interested in taking designs to market than creating designs from scratch.What is a Fashion Merchandising Major?Students can earn a York fashion management degree by enrolling in a fashion merchandising major. Maybe your esthetic interests are in the cosmetic industry, jewelry design, or interior decorating. Fashion merchandising teaches the fashion industry from start to finish: product development, manufacturing, marketing, wholesale and retail sales, domestic and international markets, and business management.,Eco fashion used to only appeal to a minority of people as many eco materials and clothing were unappealing with little style - often hemp-based and only worn by fringe groups. However, increasingly eco-fashion is becoming mainstream with more high street stores stocking it and some eco-clothing designers exhibiting their items at shows like the London Fashion Week. To have eco-credentials, clothing has to be sustainable, made using limited energy and produced with minimal consequences to the environment, and there are more and more different materials being used to provide green alternatives to traditional nylons and unsustainable fibres.From organic cotton to bamboo, there a many alternative materials used for making fashion items and many are just as comfortable and practical a solution for specialist wear too.Acitvewear, once dominated by nylon products, now contains a wide range of bamboo clothing which is as practical and stylish, and even has added benefits over traditional materials.Eco fashion used to only appeal to a minority of people as many eco materials and clothing were unappealing with little style - often hemp-based and only worn by fringe groups.,The global fashion map is expanding. New York, Milan, London and Paris are fast acquiring siblings. The endless list of fashion whiz kids from countries like Korea, China and India is slowly growing up to become the next pool of icons. Multicultural sensibilities are being accepted as mainstream fashion staple. Asian lines are crossing over to the western ramp. Lines are blurring. "moncler sale coats
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