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Many of these claims are just that – CLAIMS – with no accepted scientific data to support the claim. When a safe is tested by a non-accredited laboratory, using an unpublished test, it is nearly impossible to verify the claims. When shopping for a safe, consumers should look for a safe that has been fire tested by ETL® or UL®. Both of which are recognized world wide, and are the only testing facilities in the safe industry that will allow consumers to actually verify claims made by the safe manufacturer.

Fire causes nearly 6 billion dollars in damage every year,
with a new fire starting every 55 seconds.

Consumers shopping for gun safes are sure to become extremely confused
over the “broad” claims made by manufacturers.


Safari Safes, like all other home security safes, are not fireproof. They are fire resistant to varying degrees. Each Safari Safe is tested in a very sophisticated, environmentally controlled furnace. This furnace superheats the air surrounding the safe to the correct test temperature, and heat sensors placed in the bottom, middle and top of the safe monitor the increase in interior temperature over time.

At Safari, we run three tests, a 1200-degree F. test for 30 minutes, a 1200-degree F. test for 60 minutes and a 1200-degree F. test for 90 minutes. The inside temperature of our safes must not exceed 350 degrees F. in this time. We use two independent test facilities, including Intertek (E.T.L.), which are capable of raising the temperature in approximately eight minutes to the desired point and sustaining it for the rest of the test period. Many factors could affect fire intensity in an actual home fire. These include the safe’s location, the type of building, nearby fuel sources, wind, humidity, and many others. With these factors in mind, we believe our testing is the most fair and unbiased test available to determine fire resistance.




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