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Safari Series Features & Benefits


UL-Listed Burglary Protection

Safari Safes are all secure enough to pass the rigorous tests performed by the professional safe crackers at Underwriters Laboratories (UL). UL is the most recognized independent test facility in the world. ULís brutal Residential Security Container test involves attacks that attempt to pry, peel, punch and drill the safe. Safari passed every test and our safes proudly bear the UL RSC label. Further, at Safari, our standard lock is the Type 1 High Security electronic lock. Itís the most secure system currently available for home security safes.

  1. Exterior Finish
    Safari Safes are finished with a tough, durable, high-impact exterior paint that provides long lasting protection. Colors are carefully chosen to match a wide variety of home and office interiors.
  2. Interior
    The interiors of Safari Safes are extremely flexible. The modular design can be arranged and rearranged to accommodate a wide range of firearms and other items. The shelves and walls are finished with a soft, wear-resistant fabric that will not attract moisture, is fire resistant, and will protect the finish on your firearms and other valuables.
  3. Ultra Durable Hard Plate
    Offering more drill resistance than competitorís hard plates, Safariís exclusive formulation provides superb protection for the lock from drilling or other penetration-type assaults.
  4. 3 or 5 Spoke Handle
    Safari Safe Company handles are available in 3 or 5 spoke configurations, depending on the model. They are designed to slip when subjected to excessive force, preventing damage and helping to resist attacks.
  5. Heavy Gauge Steel and Reinforcing Welds
    Safari Safes employ the highest quality steel with exceptional tensile strength. Our full
    penetration welds are carefully applied on both inside and outside seams to provide the maximum strength at these critical junctures.
6.     Locking Bolts
Specially designed locking bolts are ultra strong to prevent door removal. These bolts glide silently in their custom fit carriers and deliver a lifetime of unwavering service and protection.

7.     Exclusive Unibody Construction

Safari engineers created a unique, unibody construction that allows the steel to retain maximum strength throughout the entire structure. The doorframe is specially constructed for added durability and is designed to allow the door to seat deeply for added pry resistance. The result is extreme durability without an ďoverbuiltĒ look or feel.

8.     Relockers

Safariís Sure Fire Relockers keep the safe locked, even if the lock is disabled or removed.

9.     Locking Mechanism

Safari uses only the finest locks available. The Type 1 electronic lock has been proven to resist picking attempts better than any mechanical lock currently on the market. For traditionalists, Safari can supply a Group 2 mechanical lock that is one of the most secure mechanical locks on the market. Either way, you get exceptional protection.

10.   Lifetime Warranty

Safari offers the best warranty in the business. Go to Warranty for more information on Safariís exclusive lifetime warranty.

11.   Fire Protection

Safari Safes offer the best fire protection in the industry.



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