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Gary® Series Plate Safes

If you want to keep it in your possession, keep it in a Meilink® Gary® series plate safe. As the manufacturer of the finest commercial-use plate safes, Meilink offers a broad choice of styles and sizes, as well as TL-rated safes tested against burglary and attack.

Built from thick carbon steel, with electrically welded joints, extra heavy hinges, and heavy-duty locking system, Gary plate safes are crafted to keep money and valuables protected from theft. Whether you need to safeguard a modest amount of cash or assets worth millions, you'll find a Gary safe with the capacity and features ideal for your business.

These Gary safes are part of the complete Meilink line designed to cover every commercial and residential need for fire and burglary protection. Whether your security requirements are simple or complex; secure peace of mind with a solution from Meilink.

Gary RE5020
   TL-15 featured in Gray with spy proof dial


Gary Custom Plate Safes
Basic, affordable burglary protection can be found in these B-rated plate safes, which may be customized with a variety of locking options and interior accessories. Available in a wide range of standard sizes, these safes can also be built to individually specified dimensions. Gary plate safes come standard with a 1/2" door, and a formed steel body. These safes can be upgraded to a C-rating with a 1" door, and 1/2" walls for extra security.

In-Floor Safes
Designed for the homeowner who wants to keep cash, jewelry and other valuables well-protected but close at hand, Gary floor safes can be installed in the floor or in the wall. In-floor safes offer two levels of security because they're hidden and embedded in concrete. Available in three sizes, these safes feature spring-loaded B-rate, 1/2" thick, anti-drive doors. Electronic lock and C-rate, 1" thick door optional.


Depository Safes
For reliable protection from theft and robbery, choose a Gary depository safe. Created to handle the security needs of retailers, depositories feature a 1/2" door, formed steel body and three types of drop options: front loading hopper; top loading rotary hopper; or front loading drop slot.


Trim Safes

Gary trim safes are ideal for cash based businesses. Their compact size allows for installation near cash registers to permit frequent cash drops, limiting your exposure to robbery.



Personal Safes
A Gary Personal Safe - Ideal for home, office, workspace or automobile.
Model HS 1207

Laptop Safes

Offers secure protection for laptops computers and other valuables.
Model LT1507

UL Listed TL-15 and TL-30
This is the safe to choose in situations demanding uncompromising burglary protection for large amounts of cash and high-end valuables. Both the TL-15 and TL-30 models can be customized with a variety of locking options, sensors and interior compartments.


Custom Lock Options
Gary plate safes can be equipped with four different kinds of locks: mechanical combination locks; digital electronic locks; Activity Verification Lock (AVL)® technology and AuditLok® XL.

   Our AVL Technology comes with complete safe access control including:
  • Quick, easy access using key & PIN
  • Programmable time delay
  • Alarm interface
  • Door monitor
  • Programmable access for each user
  • 500 lines of audit trail
   AuditLok XL offers our highest level of security and audit capabilities including:
  • Positive user identification
  • Easy to read fluorescent display
  • 5000 lines of encrypted audit trail
  • Remote access
  • Printer interface
  • Alarm interface including duress
  • Multiple levels of authority
  • Daylock prevention
  • Self diagnostic


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