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Meilink Cash Handling Safes


Trim Safes
   Small in size but big in quality, Cash Vault trim safes provide cash management at a budget price. They're ideal for businesses with a modest cash flow, and are designed to reduce the risk of robbery by limiting the amount of money in the cash register. Manufactured from heavy-gauge steel, trim safes include a drop slot and an anti-fish baffle to help prevent unauthorized removal of contents.

28" Dual Compartment Safe
   Expanding cash-security needs call for an expanded version of the cube safe. This larger under-the-counter model offers all of the features found in the 20" model, plus an optional front-load hopper that accepts larger deposits. The inner compartment provides added security by separating dropped deposits from the safe's other contents. Optional dividers may be installed to separate the inner compartment into two or three sections.

   Both a cash safe and automatic cash-vending machine, the Autobank brings unprecedented ease and efficiency to cash handling and helps control internal shrinkage. Ideal for single-operator retail operations, such as convenience stores and gas stations, the Autobank vends tubes of coins and currency at predetermined levels.

Build Your Own System
   The safes and options can be grouped in almost limitless combinations to provide an appropriate level of security. Small businesses with just a few employees may find that one safe accommodates their cash-handling needs. Businesses with many employees having access to cash may require the high-level security provided by combining multiple safes and options into a multi-level cash-handling system.
   Only Melink offers the total-solution, cash-handling system that helps retailers conduct business more efficiently and with maximum security. Meilink's cash-handling system is part of the complete Meilink line designed to cover every commercial and residential need to protect against fire, burglary, robbery, and internal shrinkage. Whether your security requirements are simple or complex, assure peace of mind with a solution from Meilink.



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