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Meilink Burglary Resistant Safes



When theft is your primary concern and the value of your safe's contents is on the rise, Hercules may just be the answer. Hercules has been designed for home and commercial use to protect items that reach into the many thousands of dollars in value. These safes can thwart sophisticated attacks and also offer varying degrees of fire protection.

Hercules C-rated Composite™
The Hercules C-class safes offer a 1/2 hour UL fire rating and our exclusive high density 9200 psi composite material. This composite material is the key to the increased security that can keep burglars from penetrating the safe on all six sides. It's the only safe in its class with 1" horizontal and vertical bolts. Include 2-1/2" high density walls with 4-1/2" doors and a formed body and you understand why these safes earn the name Hercules.

Hercules E-rated Composite™
Hercules E-class safes offer increased theft protection and additional capacity. The body of these larger safes are constructed with thicker steel (11 gauge) and 30% thicker walls than the C-class. The 9200 psi concrete insulation found in all Hercules E-class safes not only offers superior burglary protection but also provides fire resistance.


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