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Hayman Polyethylene In-Floor Safes

Hayman's Polyethylene in-the-floor safe is the next step in protection and convenience. Protected by the full power of the U.S. Patent laws, this concept is just the beginning in using this material for security containers. Never again worry about seepage or rust that can occur with most steel safes. Being able to organize the contents inside the safe is a benefit not found in any other in-floor safe. Select the size that fits your needs and budget and be assured that you are getting the most protection and convenience for your dollar.

  • 1/2" or 1" Solid Steel 5 Bolt Door on the FS4000 and the FS2300
  • 1/2" Solid Steel 3 Bolt Door or Economy Door on S1200B
  • Dual Relock System
  • Hardened bolts (Rockwell C-62) attach the steel door frame to the body 4" deep within the concrete protects from sawing, drilling and prying
  • All hardened surfaces meet Rockwell C-62+ specs
  • UL Listed Key or Combination Locks
  • Patented Spring Assisted Lift-off Door (FS models only)
  • Rustproof, leak resistant Polyethylene Body
  • Carpeted Floors
  • Expandable Storage System
  • Interchangeable Doors within the FS line
Outside HxWxD
Cu. In. Cap.
Inside HxWxD
FS4000B 20x22x16 86lbs. 17x21x123/4
FS2300B 15x19x16 80lbs. 12x171/2x121/2
S1200B 15x151/8x101/4 42lbs. 12x141/2x8
S1201B 15x151/8x101/4 42lbs. 12x141/2x8


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