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Hayman Depository Safes

Model Outside Dimensions Weight C.I Capacity Inside Dimensions
D5B 191/2x135/8x15 120lbs. 121/2x131/4x12
D6B 191/2x135/8x15 120lbs. 121/2x131/4x12

2 Compartment Safes

D5-2B 321/2x135/8x15 195lbs. 121/2*U/121/2*L131/4x12
D6-2TB 321/2x135/8x15 195lbs. 121/2*U/121/2*L131/4x12
D6-2MB 321/2x135/8x15 195lbs. 121/2*U/121/2*L131/4x12


D5B Series

    Full 21/2" x 5" x 111/4" hopper opening
    Straight sides on the inside for improved drop reliability.
    Bank bags, rolled coins, small bundles handled easily.


    Full 21/2" x 5" x 111/4" opening
    Convenient front loading design will accept small bank bags as well as standard #10 business envelopes. Drop can be positioned in the lower unit of the two door design to allow easy access to the more frequently accessed cash locker. 

  • 1/2" Solid Steel Recessed Door.
  • 3 Bolt Door
  • Removable and Interchangeable doors within model series.
  • Dual Relock System on all Units.
  • Drill Resistive Hardplate.
  • UL Listed Combination Lock.
  • Mounting Holes provided




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