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In order to decide which safe is right for your needs, first determine the type of protection your valuables require. Here are brief descriptions of the safes that are available to you, and what each is designed for.

Underwriters' Laboratories (UL) Listed High Security Safes - A UL listed high security safe is your assurance when cash and other valuables require the best protection available. When a safe is UL listed for high security, that means it has undergone stringent burglary testing procedures by UL in order to earn its UL performance ratings. Some UL listed high security safes also carry a UL fire-protection rating. The UL listing is the only testing process fully recognized by insurance companies worldwide.

Gun Safes - Misty Morn gun safes will secure up to 53 guns -- depending on the size you choose. But these safes are also used to protect many other types of valuables. They provide a convenient, central location for documents, jewelry, cash, family heirlooms, and other important items. A number of interior designs are available to customize your storage needs. Look for the UL security and fire ratings and the Omega Point labels that meet your requirements.

Burglary Resistant Composite Safes - These safes are designed to resist sophisticated attempts to reach your valuables. They can be used at home or in the office to secure papers and documents, jewelry, cash, and other valuables. For those whose primary concern is theft protection, a burglary resistant safe should carry a minimal UL burglary rating of RSC (residential security container) or higher. These safes are constructed with varying degrees of fire protection.

C-rated Composite Safe - This safe is specifically designed for those who are primarily concerned about theft protection -- but still want to protect against fire. The C-rated composite safe is constructed with 2 1/2" walls and a 4 1/2" door thickness consisting of high density concrete material (9200 psi) on all six sides. Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, this safe protects from physical attack better than many safes of the same size because of the high density material from which it is constructed. The C-rated composite safe offers 1/2 hour UL fire label protection. These units are equivalent to an all-steel safe with 1/2" solid steel walls and 1" solid steel doors.

E-rated Composite Safes - These safes are geared for the commercial market because they offer greater theft protection than C-rated safes by virtue of their 3 1/2" walls and 5 1/2" doors, all constructed with high-density concrete material. (FIRE PROTECTION?) These units are equivalent to an all-steel safe with 1" walls and 1 1/2" thick doors and qualify for E-rated burglary insurance coverage (contact your insurance company for exact requirements).

Fire Resistant Safes - When protection against fire is a real concern, a safe with a UL fire rating will provide confidence against this threat. To get the fire protection you need, look for a UL class 350 fire label that designates half-hour, one-hour, or two-hour fire protection. UL listed fire resistant safes are offered here in a range of sizes and UL security ratings.

Data Safes - Because CDs, computer disks, microfiche and other types of electronically-stored information are more sensitive than paper to heat, moisture, and magnetic fields, a data safe plays a critical role in protecting irreplaceable records. This specialized safe protects against magnetic fields, fire, burglary, tampering, and dust. Data safes should carry a one- or two-hour UL fire and impact rating.

In-Floor Safes - These safes are easily concealed and tough to penetrate. They provide economic protection and come in various sizes. Your local cement contractor can install an in-floor safe in your home or office.

Depository Safes - When a business needs to stash away cash or valuables during working hours, a depository safe provides convenience and short-term security on the premises. Depository safes come in a range of designs that allow options on lock compartments, drop slots, locking systems, and fire / security ratings.

Fire Resistant File Cabinets - Tax records, customer lists, deeds, and accounting documents are the kind of files that need protection in a fire resistant cabinet. Look for a file cabinet that has passed your requirements for UL fire, explosion and impact ratings. Then choose a cabinet that meets your security, storage and space requirements. The newest styles complement contemporary or traditional decor.

Vault Doors - A vault door should provide fire insulation while protecting against attack by tool or torch. The soundness of the door's construction, locking system, hinges, and bolt-work will determine its effectiveness. An inside escape mechanism and ease of passage through the door are also important features. Look for UL certifications and burglary insurance ratings.

UL Ratings* - For a complete explanation of Underwriters' Laboratories security and fire classifications, click on "Underwriters' Laboratories."

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